Two Small Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideas for small bathroom

Small bathroom ideas - If you own a small shower stall in the bathroom, it is necessary to seek options to maximize space and comfort at bath time. No matter how small it is, always there are actions that can be done to facilitate the use of the shower. Choose accessories that expand the space of the box, giving all the space needed for the bath.

Shelving: A small bathroom ideas shelves that can be hung in the shower. They are usually made ​​at different levels, making room for all hygiene items. It is much easier to use a shelf than leaving the soap, shampoos and other products dropped on the floor or on the edge of the tub. The shelves will improve the visual environment and prevents you bump the toiletries every time you want to move. You can find them at any office supply store to the home.

Transparent curtains: A small box can provide a feeling of tightness, like a cave, if you cannot take the light. To small bathroom ideas maximized on lighting, choose a transparent curtain. These parts are not painted or provide a higher gloss than the shower opaque versions. For a more varied customization choose a curtain having waterproof pockets on the outside. You can post photos or postcards inside to give a personal touch to the bathroom.

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